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Home Automation connects all the elements of your home together, creating a seamless living experience. Whether pre-programmed or at the push of a button, you can create specific scenes in your home that set the exact ambience you prefer in given moment including the music, lighting, curtains and sheers control ,AC or various amenities such as fountains, water futures , fireplaces.All with one touch of the button.

Full Automation Control

Lighting Control(s) are a range of smart lighting devices connected in network that can regulate the levels and characteristics of light in a defined space via smart keypads or control applications instead of traditional mechanical switches giving the occupants high level of comfort while simultaneously saving the electricity consumption.


Controlled from the touch of a button, you can set a comfortable temperature in a specific room or an entire house. This feature can also be used whilst you are away from home, by remotely adjusting or monitoring temperature throughout the entire property.

Furthermore, our Cloud Based VRF monitoring solutions ensure that your VRF AC system is always in its peak performance form maximal comfort and energy efficiency. 


Automated curtains and blinds are natively integrated into our Smart Systems, eliminating the need to walk from room to room opening and closing curtains and blinds. Once fully integrated curtains control options which range from your television screen to wall keypads, remotes, iPads and smartphones.

& Blackout 

CCTV systems can be implemented as a standalone feature or fully integrated into a home Automation System, each system is bespoke and designed with the client to ensure it meets their full requirements. Concealed or Exposed Cameras, HD or 4k, night vision, infrared, zoom and remotely controlled cameras can be used to create a system which safeguards your home and is accessible via a smartphone from anywhere in the world. 


We live in the modern era where technologies push the limits of imagination.
The rapid enhancements in video projection technology brought to our homes something beyond possible several years ago, an ability to have current cinema movies playing in your private residence, even on a premiere date, if you wish!  


Security & 

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